Rent Dock Space – Dockage Availability

Lighthouse Point Marina welcomes all types of recreational boaters with vessels up to 80 feet in length. Docks are available to rent to the public on a first come, first serve basis. Our tenants range from daily transient to long term annual dockage customers, and we do allow liveaboards.

If you are interested in dockage availability, please contact a member of our dockhouse team at 954-941-0227 extension 206.

The Diesel Fuel Price Scam

When shopping for the best fuel price, make sure you inquire if the diesel price you are being quoted includes all taxes. Most fueling facilities in the area do not include the 6% diesel tax in the price on the pump. The pump shows one price, and when you get to the register to pay, you are charged an additional 6% diesel tax on your entire diesel purchase. Unless your vessel is commercially documented, you will be required to pay an additional 6% diesel tax. This could add up to a substantial amount if your vessel can hold a large volume of fuel.

Lighthouse Point Marina takes our fuel business seriously, and therefore we won’t quote one diesel price and then add on additional taxes after you pump. We understand that in today’s economy boating is indeed a luxury, and fuel pricing is no joking matter. You can feel confident that Lighthouse Point Marina offers one of the lowest marina fuel prices in the area and chances are, if the price you are being quoted elsewhere is lower than our quoted price, it is because they aren’t including the diesel tax.

Hump Day Pump Day

Want to get a jump start on the weekend? Fuel up your boat on Hump Day, Wednesday, and automatically save 5 cents off each gallon based on Tuesday’s price. No minimum quantity necessary and the discount is available on both gas and diesel purchases.

Quantity Discounts

The more your buy, the better your price! Quantity discounts start at 200 gallons for both gas and diesel purchases. These discounts are in addition to Hump Day Pump Day prices! The quantity discounts are as follows:

  • 200-399 gallons receives 2 cents off per gallon
  • 400-599 gallons receives 4 cents off per gallon
  • 600-799 gallons receives 6 cents off per gallon
  • 800-999 gallons receives 8 cents off per gallon
  • 1000 gallons or more receive 12 cents off per gallon.

Note that quantity discounts apply to one vessel, and cannot be combined with future fuel purchases.

Commercial Diesel Discounts

If your vessel is commercially documented, you are entitled to receive a 6% savings on your diesel purchases. To qualify, your vessel information needs to be on file at the fuel dock. Simply fill out a form which can be provided by a member of the dockhouse team, and your diesel purchase will be discounted at the register by 6%. Your information will be kept on file at the fuel dock.

Proudly Serving Marathon Brand Products

Ethanol Free gas, Mid-grade Gas, and Premium Diesel