Lighthouse Point Marina Awarded Clean Marina Designation by the State

clean_marinaThe Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), together with the Clean Boating Partnership, has recognized the Lighthouse Point Marina as the State’s 74 th Clean Marina.

The Clean Boating Partnership, which includes the DEP, Marine Industries Association of Florida, Florida Sea Grant Program, United States Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary, developed the Clean Marina Program to help marinas, boatyards and boaters protect Florida’s waterways using simple environmental practices that prevent pollution. As a designated Clean Marina, Lighthouse Point Marina will join the elite of the environmentally sensitive waterfront businesses in Broward County. Approximately only 3% of all marinas in the state of Florida have received this designation.

Lighthouse Point Marina is an environmentally safe marina and asks our customers to help us protect the environment by being aware of and abiding by the fueling procedures we have implemented. We thank you in advance for your support in helping us keep our waterways clean for future generations to enjoy!


The owners of the marina are delighted to have the state mandated tank replacement project which began October 2006, now behind them. Lighthouse Point Marina has reopened for fuel sales after a six-week shut down for installation of new storage tanks. The construction was purposely scheduled for the slowest boating months to help alleviate as much customer inconvenience as possible. As planned, fuel was flowing again before the holidays and now the fuel dock is back to business as usual.

With the new storage tanks, Lighthouse Point Marina can offer different gas octanes for the first time. “For several years our facility has dispensed 89 Octane and high sulfur diesel. But we are now able to include 93 Octane in our Sunoco product line too and so our customers have a choice in gas products,” explained Christian Spieker, who spearheaded the project.

Lighthouse Point Marina is one of the few fueling facilities on the water in North Broward-South Palm Beach County. Due to strict government regulations like that which required the storage tank replacement project and sky-rocketing insurance costs, many smaller fueling facilities have given up. “This project has been a tough nut for us,” commented Maureen Canada, President of the facility. “Having been through this, I now understand why both marine and automotive fueling facilities are opting out. It is expensive and the loss of revenue during the time we were shut down only compounded the stress. We are so glad it is behind us now,” she added.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection has mandated that all single-walled fuel tanks be upgraded to double-walled tanks by 2009, whether or not there are problems with existing tanks. “As the deadline approaches, it is likely that more fueling facilities will choose to give up the business rather than comply. This may the especially true of family owned stations who simply cannot afford the cost of tank upgrades. Compounding the problem, many banks are reluctant to lend funds for such a project for fear of contaminated soil, old leaks or a host of other environmental issues,” Canada explained.

“We want to thank our customers and our employees for their patience during this process. Construction is seldom fun and this project was no different. But it’s behind us now and we’re back on track with fuel, live bait, and all of your other boating needs. So, to our customers, come by and use your boats in this beautiful Florida weather. We’re your Hometown Marina, and happy to serve you!” Canada closed with enthusiasm.

Lighthouse Point Marina Turns 40!

lighthouseThe once little yacht basin with deep community roots which has grown into a mainstay among Lighthouse Point’s businesses, recently celebrated forty years of family ownership. And what a celebration it was.

Lighthouse Point Marina hosted over 200 guests, including local officials, customers, vendors and friends, for dinner and dancing at the marina under the big top on Saturday, January 22, 2005.

Don Spieker, entrepreneur and businessman from Wisconsin, along with his wife, Mary, came to Florida in 1964 wanting to go into the marina business. With the help of Mary’s parents, John and Pauline Kopmeier, they found the little Lighthouse Point Yacht Basin which then had a few dozen slips. From those humble beginnings, Spieker, who has been described as “everyone’s best friend,” built a marina facility offering unequalled service and location with over 100 slips for yachts up to 80 feet just 5 minutes from Hillsboro Inlet.

Since 1997, when Don retired, their children, Debbie Edwards, Maureen Canada and Christian Spieker, have continued their parent’s tradition of friendly, service oriented management with a healthy does of community activism. Lighthouse Point Marina sponsors many civic projects and was awarded the very exclusive Clean Marina designation by the State for upholding the highest environmental standards. You can frequently recognize Lighthouse Point Marina in the city parks as a sponsor of youth league athletic teams and the marina is a founding member of the Lighthouse Chamber of Commerce.

Lighthouse Point Police Chief, Ross Licata, joins the celebration
The 40th Anniversary Cake
Marina owners smile for the camera

Debbie, who is now an owner and director of the business, served as president of Children’s Home Society North Broward Auxiliary and Maureen, marina president is the president elect of the Rotary Club of Pompano Beach and has received the Rotarian of the Year Award. Christian, also a co-owner and one of the marina managers, is involved with numerous conservation minded events like the Pompano Beach Fishing Rodeo and the Dark Side of the Moon fishing tournament. Although Don passed away in 2001, he is surely proud of his beloved marina and what his children have accomplished

boatsBut all of this community service hasn’t distracted the “Spieker kids” from what has become the family mission started 40 years ago, maintaining the tradition of success through friendly service at the marina. In fact, they’ve pushed even harder. In 1999 they developed the vacant land adjacent to the marina, Tillotson Square, into what has become Lighthouse Point’s premier townhouse community and boosting the entire neighborhood into what local realtors now call “the prestigious marina area.” During the same time, they rebuilt the marina itself and expanded it into a thriving little commercial village with a popular restaurant, real estate and yacht brokerage offices. The public also did well with the installation of close to a million dollars in new infrastructure and street improvements around Tillotson and the marina, at no cost to the taxpayers.

Presently, the Lighthouse Point Marina and its friendly and helpful staff are the only marina fueling facility between Pompano Beach and Deerfield Beach. The Spieker family works hard everyday to keep up their father’s tradition and to earn your business. And it is just that spirit that gave them so much to celebrate during their 40 th anniversary bash.


img_0911sm(1)Lighthouse Point Marina has been busy living up to its motto, “Your Hometown Marina” lately. The forty-two-year-old family business recently co-sponsored the LHP Keeper Days festivities. The Marina also had the winning float into the Keeper Day Parade, which was awarded Best Commercial Float.

The float’s theme was Troop Tarpon, the children’s organization with 100 plus members, which focuses on the friendly school of tarpon that hang out just past the fuel dock. “Kids and parents alike have enjoyed watching and feeding our tarpon and jacks for years so we created “Troop Tarpon” for the younger children. We had over 50 members and their parents participate with us in the parade wearing their troop tee-shirts and having a grand ole’ time,” commented Maureen Canada, President of Lighthouse Point Marina. “The tossing of koozies during the parade was a big hit and we hope to do it again next year,” said Christian Spieker, Maureen’s brother, who designed and built the float.

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I am a rotarian!

image001My name is Maureen Spieker Canada, and I am a Rotary Club of Pompano Beach Native. O.K. maybe there isn’t such a thing, but if there was, I’d definitely be one.It started with my father, Don Spieker. He passed away a few years ago, but civic work was in his blood and the Rotary Club of Pompano Beach was far and away his favorite organization.

Don truly understood the benefits of being a Rotarian. He attended weekly meetings, with perfect attendance, for thirty-four years. When he traveled abroad, he attended foreign Rotary meetings and became acquainted with the people of the country. When he was asked to be President of the club, he gladly accepted the responsibility. In his later years, while spending summers in North Carolina, he attended the meetings in the small town of Brevard. When there were family Rotary events, my brothers and sister and I were sure to be present. And when he finally passed away, he remembered the Rotary Club of Pompano Beach in his will.

That is how I became a Rotarian. I have lived in a Rotary family, all my life. And when my father could no longer serve, I stepped-up. It was just the right thing to do.

I didn’t know at the time when I joined just over four years ago where this journey in Rotary membership would take me. I didn’t have to become so very involved in Rotary, but the work and fundraisers are fundamentally important and I was sure I could help in some way. And I learned something about life while I was helping out too. It was how giving back to those less fortunate made me feel. Rotary wasn’t a weekly lunch obligation; it became a weekly opportunity for me to grow as a person. I didn’t set out for that to happen, but it did. Who could have known? All because I got involved.

One can’t help but be moved when you and your fellow club members raise over $13,000 in a few weeks for Hurricane Katrina victims, or stand outside in the cold air during the week before Christmas ringing the Salvation Army bell with our spouses and children. One of our members even hosted a Brave Kids holiday party for the children of our troops fighting oversees. We raised over $6000 by our club alone. All of this is in addition to the tens of thousands of dollars we raise annually for local charities and college scholarships.

My Rotary journey has led me a long way from being a Rotary daughter; I am now a Rotary mom too. I feel that it is part of my parental role to teach my six-year-old daughter, Caroline, about civic responsibility the same way my father taught me, through example. I will become this club’s 4th woman President in July, and am humbled by the upcoming responsibility. I look forward to continue to learn about this great organization and the wonderful members that are part of our Rotary Club of Pompano Beach family.

Feel free to contact me at the marina or 954.261.6251 to learn more about our Rotary family!